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The analysis phase is all about setting up the project for success. Next, you define a scope. Understand the design challenge.

The design phase involves benchmarking, prototyping, and testing. During this phase, you want to test your ideas before you build them.

The specification phase is an important step that helps you focus on creating learning experiences for your specific learner.

The production phase is the point at which your planning and design come together. In this phase, you will need to map out content, create screens and templates, and involve graphic designers.

The evaluation phase involves testing the project against the original specification. Use quality assurance (QA) testing, acceptance testing, and analysis to see how the product is performing in a range of the technical environments.


Use Browser Stack to test in different environments, but if the project needs to run on a touch screen device, you should test it on the actual device.


Browser Stack can help you to quickly test your course on different operating systems and browsers.

Try to break your eLearning. This lets you see how your course performs beyond the specified number of concurrent users.

Test different languages to ensure they have been translated correctly.


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